10 Remarkable African Women With Beauty and Brains

In recent times, African Women have been known to possess timeless beauty. Africa has the most attractive and beautiful women in the world. Beauty is abstract but when an African beauty is being checked, it is something to behold. Aside from beauty facially, beauty of the brain also exist.

African Women have been remarkable in excellence and intelligence and also with their bodies and features in the whole world. They possess pretty faces, killer curves and impeccable personality. They have also established themselves to the top. Below are 10 African women who are blessed with both beauty and brains:

Chimamanda Adichie

Image credit: chimamanda.com

This woman is one of the best literary images in Nigeria as a country where she hails from. She was a very intelligent student in school and she was sometimes challenged by her tutors. She earned various awards academically irrespective of her reputation. After her high school education, she put in to study medicine at her father’s command but after a while she stopped to chase her vision of being a renowned writer.

At age 19, she got a scholarship to study in a Philadelphia university known as Drexel. She graduated with a degree in political science and communication at eastern Connecticut state university. She also finished summa cum laude in the year 2001 and in that same year she started literature courses of MFA at the University of Johns Hopkins.

Flavian Matata

Photo Credit : models.com

She is another perfect example of an African woman with both beauty and brains. She is a Tanzanian beauty queen who graced Forbes Magazine for being one of the highest paid models in 2013.The African Queen has also been mentioned by okay.com as Top 100 Women in Africa.

Mirriam Chemmos

Photo Credit: African Woman

This woman is an attractive born Kenyan who spent her informative days between both Kenya and Tanzania. She is greatly inspired by her very self and from her, we know that it is optional to look unto others to get inspired. Our experiences in life can do just that. She was the female artist in the legendary Soukous Stars Band.

In this evolving African music and film industry, Miriam Chemmo is a breath of fresh air. Coupled with her unique self-expression, blend of talents not to forget her rich cultural background, she is truly a remarkable African woman.

Honorine Uwera

Photo Credit: Coco and Creme

This African Woman is a Rwandan born beauty with pretty eyes and a lovely body. She walks for Marc Jacob and she also appeared in Elle and Nordstorm Catalog Editor. She is also agile in Blacks in Fashion discussions. She is witty and attractive.

Lindiwe Mazibuko

african woman
Photo credit : Whacked

This African woman is said to be the fourth youngest in parliament and is being rooted for as a leader in the nearest future. She won the title of young global leader by the world economic forum in the year 2013 and she is also South Africa most influential lady in the year 2012.she has an impeccable smile and an iconic behavior. She teaches us how to not allow our body size stop us from doing what we can and to become the best we can be.

Olajumoke Adenowo

Image Credit: CWI

African women have alot to admire from this African Queen. She is a woman of steel, young and vibrant in architecture, a Nigerian born CEO AD CONSULTING. At a very tender age she loved to design beautiful and functional structures. She talks about the eulogies she gets from designing and also her vision. She also leads a consistent show on the radio to inspire women when she isn’t designing buildings.

Lupita Nyongo

Image credit: vogue

This African woman is a perfect example of new age beauty and brains. The Kenyan raised is film maker and actor. It is after graduating from Yale that Lupita Nyongo landed her life changing role in 12 years of slave. Lupita Nyongo has won over 20 awards in her career spanning a little over 20 years

Onyeka Onwenu

Image Credit: obindibgo

This African woman wears all the hats one could possibly imagine: politician, journalist, recording artist, singer- songwriter, activist. This Nigerian woman is known for her confidence and elegance in music and acting. She is a woman with age defying beauty and brains, she’s got it all.

She was formally the chairperson to the council of IMO state for culture and arts and she is the incumbent executive director of the national centre for women development. She has a B.A degree in communication and international relations in Wesley college of Massachusetts USA and also a masters degree in media studies from new school for social research in New York.

Arwa Gouda

Image Credit : themoviedb.com

Arwa Gouda is an Egyptian who who started her career as a Model at the age of 13. She wore the crown of the best female model in the world after winning the 2004/2005 “Best Model of the World” title , she 2004/2005 title in Turkey. A touch of it all, this African woman is a package of both beauty and brain.

This African Queen speaks Arabic, French and English language. She began her modeling career at a tender age and thereafter won the crown for best model in the world, after which she started developing her career in acting.

Ange Kagame

Image Credit : refinery29

This African Woman is the only daughter of Rwanda’s current president, Paul Kagame. Ange Kagame is involved in causes spanning from women issues, education as well as poverty eradication.This influential African Queen holds a Masters in International Affairs which she got from Columbia University.

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