13 Shocking Sex Traditions from Africa and The World

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All over Africa, there are different tribes with sexual traditions; some of which we term shocking sex traditions or horrific. From the tribe of men that take in semen to the group of men/brothers having one wife. When you pay for a dinner and watch a movie to win someone over, it is alien to most traditions. In as much as every country has its own sexual norms which affect the African woman, it is not nice to think ill of a particular culture whether or not it sounds horrific. Below are 13 shocking sexual traditions practiced all over Africa.

Children sex: (The Trobriander Tribe of Papua-New Guinea)

The Trobriander people are islanders. They are like a research carried out on the final inference of changes in sexual intercourse. Girls are into sex as well as guys. As a result children between ages 6-8 for girls and 10-12 for guys engage in open sex without any form of stigmatization. Girls virtually walk shirtless. While sex is not restricted at all, having dinner with your spouse before marriage is highly prohibited.

Brothers Having One Wife: (The Himalayas tribe of Nepalese)

The Himalayas tribe practice fraternal polyandry . This means having a group of blood related brothers marry one African woman. According to this people, having a small land for the purpose of agriculture was a great treasure. Many sons’ leave the family with no choice than to marry an African woman for all the sons for the sole aim of preserving the small land.

Observing Love and Voodoo Rituals: (Saut d’ Eau tribe of Haiti)

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Around July, you might observe a sexually outrageous ritual if you happen to visit Haiti while sight- seeing at the Saut d’ Eau waterfalls. People who practice voodoo never fail to go on such trips to pay homage to the love goddess every summer. The sex rituals entails being naked wriggling. The sex rituals also entail turning around in mud combined with goat and cow heads, and blood collected from animals sacrificed.

Wife Theft by Men: (The Wodaabee tribe of Niger)

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In these sex traditions, the men are recognized as people who steal the wives of other men, even themselves. At a very tender age, their parents give them out in marriage to their cousins from the same heritage. During their Gerewol ritual which takes place yearly the men are allowed to wear fancy costumes and makeover to dance and attract the women and steal them. This is called Love Marriages.

When Boy-love was The social norm: (The Ancient Greece)

These sexual traditions was very common in ancient Greece. It was practiced between a matured man and an adolescent boy. Making love to a young boy was not allowed but no fact or punishment restricted this sexual practice.

Suffocating a Chicken Inside a River: (The Ancient Egypt)

This tribe masturbates into river Nile. They weren’t attention seekers or eccentric. They just had faith that the Alum god made the world by giving himself pleasure. They therefore act likewise at the River bank in honor of him.

Performing The act with Boys: (The Mangians tribe, an island in the South Pacific)

In these sex traditions, the people are motivated to take as many partners as they want for sexual intercourse before marriage. The boys go through circumcision at age 13. Terrible! More interestingly matured women are allowed to go under the sheets with younger boys. This is in a bid to have knowledge about it and how to satisfy their spouse.

Open Homosexuality Sex Traditions by the Ancient Greece

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People of this tribe don’t differentiate sexual behavior by the sex of those involved. They do by the part played by each participant in the act of sex; the passive penetrated which is equal to the feminine gender (youth and low status) or the active penetration which is equal to the masculine gender (adult and high status).

Having Sex by paying for it: (the tribe of Modern Iran)

According to the culture of Iran, couples are allowed to have a temporary union if they want to consummate their love before any plans for marriage is made. They do this for a brief party with a written agreement on how long they’d be together. After this is done, they can indulge in any sexual intercourse without breaking the law of Islam. This is common among the Muslims.

Intercourse with Underwear Sex Traditions: (the Inis Baeg Tribe of Ireland)

Sometime in the 60’s, it was observed that people in this island indulge in sex with clothes on. They only engaged in missionary style. This island had a church that preached to its occupants about sex as an obligation. Foreplay was just about kissing and feeling the rear end. Nakedness was subdued and sex/erotic sex was restrained.

Open masturbation Sex Traditions by Pharaohs: (the Ancient Egyptian tribe)

Following the belief of this people about the Atum god’s sperm causing the flow of river Nile, the Egyptian Pharaohs masturbated ritually to guarantee more water. Because of this, the men in Egypt were motivated by this act. As such they publicly masturbates during the god Min ceremony.

Circumcision ritual to attain manhood: (the Mardudjara tribe of Australia)

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This ritual includes a horrific circumcision and the eating of the foreskin by the person circumcised. When it heals, the manhood is cut underneath lengthwise and most times up to the scrotum. The blood coming out of it is slowly passed over fire for purification. From that time on wards, he urinates not with his urethra but from the penis underside.

Semen Drinkers: (the Sambian tribe- Papua, New Guinea)

In this shocking sex rituals, boys are taken away from ladies at age 7 to live with other boys for a period of 10 years.This is done to attain manhood in this tribe. Throughout this time, they pierce their skin to take away any dirt caused by females. This leads to bleeding from the nose and puking caused by consuming excess sugarcane. After this, they are mandated to take in their elders’ semen to maintain strength and growth. They continue to bleed through their nose as their wives menstruates even after the ritual. 

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