How to Bust an African Man’s Lying Ass: 5 Kick Ass Ways

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The African Woman has grown up in a culture that taught her how to excuse cheating men because men are instinctively polygamous and even the best of them cannot settle for one woman. We grew up in an environment where Pastors cheated with the pretty praise and worship ladies and bosses played on their wives with their secretaries. But the line gets drawn when you are trying to build a home and your man is busy shacking in the name of culture and polygamy.

How do you know if your man is cheating on you? When you are in a relationship, the infidelity of your African man is one of the major fears. This can lead to jealousy, paranoia but also to extreme suffering when it is proven. Indeed most African women over 30 have known directly or indirectly an African man who was not sincere and none want to live or relive this painful experience.

It is always very difficult to be able to build a serene and fulfilling couple’s life when one feels abandoned. If you ask yourself the question “How can I know if he is cheating on me?” Indeed, your mind will be focused on this issue and you will have a hard time letting go of building a strong relationship.

If you find yourself in the same situation then we invite you to read this article.

How to know if a man is cheating on you?

There are elements that can make you think and push to know more about his behavior.  Do not be ashamed or hide yourself because anyone with doubts about the fidelity of his half would like to have a pure heart. You also have to know how to think about yourself when you’re in a relationship.


An African woman may be able to hide their game well. But you also have a sixth sense. It alerts you when you feel that it does not act the same way anymore. In this article, we wanted to refer you to different ways to know if a man is wrong.

You can easily get answers to your questions because there are signs that do not deceive in the behavior of one who shares your life.

The almost obvious signs of a cheating African Man

First of all, we wanted to make it clear that saying, “How do you know if he’s cheating on me? Is a question that can prove to be destructive for the couple, whether or not the suspicions of infidelity are founded?

When you have doubts, you will always have the need to confront them and see if your man is truly unfaithful. So before alerting you, we invite you to analyze if one of the five signs that we evoke below are visible in your partner:

A lack of presence at home

An African man who sees another African woman will be obliged to give him attention and it goes through moments of sharing at times when you should be together.

Very often he is covered by a close person so ask you questions when he starts to be absent too often…

He will always leave a trace but find a bogus excuse

Unfaithful african men always tend to have an excess of confidence in the long run and one day you will find a sign of his unfaithfulness that will make you cogitate.

A cheating African man hides his phone or puts it in silence

If you find that his attitude changes and that he better protects his device with codes, then your doubts may be well founded.

You had habits and you knew it by heart

But for a moment his behavior is no longer exactly the same. It can hide something.

You can read in him if you just take his hand in the bag or if you are totally wrong. Sometimes you have to know how to preach the false to get the truth!

The phone is HIS ENEMY!

As an African Woman, when you have doubts about the loyalty of your man, there is usually a reflex that everyone will have.


Indeed, we want to look at his messages, see his contacts, but also and especially have the list of his last calls so you can put a name on his mistress and better know his actions. We can find several elements that can put the bug in the ear when we are in this situation. Especially as smartphones make it more difficult to camouflage its movements because of the geo-location option.

How To Know If a Man is Playing You

  • He changes his habits: either by taking more care of him or on the contrary by giving up a little bit because he gains in personal confidence.
  • It is less focused on sex: If an African man is unfaithful is that he will see elsewhere to satisfy his sexual urges and he will have less desire to sleep with you.
  • It is on the defensive: This signal is very important because often unconscious in your half. When one is unfaithful, he is on the defensive and does not hesitate to blame you for anything and everything, or to raise the tone easily when there are no specific reasons for it.

Ingenious Signs of Catching A Cheating African Man

Apart from these blatant signs of betrayal, there are also minor acts that can also have a significant impact and reveal the intentions of your darling about a possible relationship with another African woman.

These include these 11 signs:

  • He looks at other women
  • Scents of female perfumes a little too present on her clothes
  • Traces of lipstick
  • He decides to change his look and be more classy than usual
  • He takes care of himself and his image
  • He forgets to call you or answers you briefly my guy is watching girls
  • It is less focused on your happiness
  • He kisses you without passion
  • He does not talk about more joint projects
  • It lends you less attention
  • He is less in sexual demand

These elements demonstrate a certain distance on the emotional level but cannot alone specify with certainty that your man is not faithful. You need tangible evidence and concrete action before you blame him for anything. As long as this is not the case, he can always deny.

So, Why Do Men Cheat?

When a woman realizes the infidelity of her man, she still wonders how he managed to get there and why he did not try to save their love story?

Many African women hope to be able to change a man and make him addicted but as a rule they are really acquired and find themselves in a situation of extreme suffering. If you are in this case, I invite you to position yourself in a different way now by applying a very important saying in terms of relationship and on which I have dedicated a special issue:  Flee me I am you, am I flee you  !

What If Men Cheat and Don’t Leave Behind Traces of Infidelity?

I did not see myself writing an article about the probable infidelity of an African man without taking the trouble to tell you that you can also make false ideas. In these conditions but also in a general way you will have to ask yourself a very important question:

Is the most important thing to do everything to find an infidelity or otherwise invest in saving your relationship?


If you do not see anything abnormal and you simply have  doubts about his fidelity  especially from what you have experienced in the past with other men, then you will have to stop all your mistakes, no longer put pressure on your man to find a life for two more pleasant and friendly.

Many African Women separate with their cheating men simply because of the fear of losing the other for another woman and it totally surpassed the complicity and all the good times. Never let this happen in your relationship by forcing you to always maintain the flame and giving the best of yourself to please your partner.

As an African woman, You must learn to turn the page of the past to highlight your qualities and the need to be proactive in your life as a couple.

Leave the fear of being cheated aside to fight to improve your relationship in order to derive maximum pleasure! Do not focus solely on a question like “how do you know if it’s wrong”, but rather on the general context of the situation and your story.

For all women who are experiencing tension in their relationship and want to restore the situation, know that I did an article on how to save your relationship after infidelity. I invite you to read it as soon as possible to give you every chance to find a peaceful life but also to rebuild with your man.

Feel free to share your experiences how to bust a cheating African man in the comments as this can help an African woman who is in the same situation as you are or have lived. In addition, we will answer you personally and with great pleasure.

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