Multiple Partners:4 Inconceivable High Prices of Having Sex

The definition of sexuality with multiple partners refers to sexual practices with multiple partners over a period of time, such as a woman in a relationship with a lover, or a man with two homes

Sexual intercourse with multiple partners can sometimes take an institutionalized form such as polygamy or an organized form such as the threesome or the mistress-lover relationship.

The Shocking Psychological Effects of Sex With Multiple Partners

multiple partners

A great many people imagine that being single means being allowed to do anything you desire with your body, engaging in sexual relations with whomever.

Some do it just with their partners others don’t generally mind in the event that they do it with various men any time.The emotional wellness results of having numerous sex partners leaves women torn, with feeling of unworthiness and guilt.

The most ideal way to approach sex is to ask yourself, “Why am I engaging in sexual relations with this individual?” Weigh in to decide whether you’re having intercourse to keep the men around or just because they’re hot and they make you feel good about yourself.

You can likewise test yourself post-sex. Do you feel fulfilled? Wasted? Hungry for more? Your answer ought to clear up whether you having sex with multiple partners is adding value to your life

The Naked Truth about Multiple Sex Partners and Soul Ties

Ladies have you ever wondered why people start resembling each other when they get married? Multiple scientific studies have shown that whenever a woman has sex with a man, the man’s DNA is left in your body. Think about what happens when you have sex with multiple partners.

Sex is like sticking two bits of wood together and the following day, tearing them apart to separate them

soul ties

Each time you have a sexual encounter, you are making profound bonds with the other person. There are a couple of various terms used to portray these bonds however the most well known is “soul ties.”

Women be cautious about the Men you let into your heart and your body. Sex isn’t just a physical trade it is also a spiritual transaction. Sex is amazing and fulfilling when done in the confines of a relationship.

But when you have sex with multiple partners, think of all the deposits-the good, the bad and the ugly- that are being made to your body.

 The Shocking Healthy Risk Factor of Multiple sexual partners

According to a recent study, the minimum number of partners in multi-partner sexual relationships of women over 30 is three. This figure may be higher in cases of open couples or couples engaged in swinging or consuming prostitution.

The health and emotional risk of this kind of relationship varies according to the sexual practices, the number of partners, the number of partners involved (the husband of the female mistress or the wife of the lover), and the nature of these relationships: short-term relationships or long-term relationship.

sex and health
African Woman

Sexuality with multiple partners is a major health risk factor, the number of partners involved in the meeting is correlated with the health risk, and each partner contributes to increasing the risk of infectious, parasitic or bacterial.

The nature of the sexual practices involved also influences the health risk in sexuality with multiple partners, sexual practices with high health risk of a partner involved in the meeting can significantly increase the health risk.

Sexually transmitted infections


AIDS is called the last phase of HIV infection, which is transmitted through sperm, vaginal secretions, blood (transfusion or through infected syringes) and maternally (the mother infects the fetus during pregnancy, delivery or lactation).

Although the most serious, AIDS is not the only sexually transmitted disease that is valid. Therefore it is important to know that the also known as venereal diseases can be acquired by oral, anal or vaginal contact.


Although not considered an STD, a significant percentage of men have itching on the penis after having had sex with an infected woman. It is caused by the fungus Candida albicans, which is normally found in the vagina.


Infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. It manifests with inflammation of the mucosa of the urinary tract, throat and rectum, and can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancies (outside the uterine cavity or womb) if not treated in time.


Those who regularly present symptoms are men, such as a burning sensation when urinating and a yellowish-white discharge from the penis.

The majority of women do not show discomfort, however, there are those who suffer burning during urination, abdominal pain or abnormal bleeding; if not treated in a timely manner; the causative bacteria (Neisseria gonorrhea) will infect and destroy the internal genital organs of the woman, causing sterility.

Genital herpes

These are two main types of simple herpetic virus: the one that is usually related to sores or inflammation in the mouth and lips (called 1) and the one that injures the genitals (2), causing inflammation of the vagina ( vaginitis ) and painful ulcers that affect the vulva (external part of the vagina) and penis.


There are 60 varieties of this microorganism, of which eight are the cause of genital diseases; of these last two groups are distinguished.


Virtually eradicated, this disease is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It manifests itself after several days of having had a sexual relationship, by a painless ulcer with a hard base, accompanied by inflammation in areas close to the groin and penis, in men, as well as in labia major and labia vulva in the woman.


It is generated by the parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis and generates symptoms in 1 out of every 2 infected women. Among them is yellowish-green, frothy and odor-poor secretions and, occasionally, vaginitis and urethritis (inflammation of the urethra, which is the conduit through which male urine is expelled; favors the HIV infection.

The exercise of sexuality is, as well as a source of pleasure, a way of health, since it activates functions in the brain and organism that result in their well-being. However, the risks are in front of our nose and we have to think about them taking as a first tool the responsibility, because our life and that of the couple can depend on it.

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