Rwandese Women: 10 Amazing Sex Traits To Learn from These African Women

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Rwanda as a country astonishingly ranks high on the gender equality scale globally, therefore what does the sex practiced by Rwandese women traditionally say about gender rules in the country?  And for the Rwandese women, sex is regarded as their ultimate pleasure. Here are 10 things we can learn from the Rwandese women

Kunyaza; a type of sex practiced traditionally in Rwanda

This practice sets the country’s beliefs in gender equality in a seemingly different perspective. Kunyaza is a myth dating back to Nyanza along with other speculations going on in other countries on the great lake, where the kunyaza style is practiced on an insignificant scale.

Sexual intercourse is regarded as a woman thing

This is as a result of the fact that the man is pressed with the mandate of pleasing the Rwandese women by setting their mind and body in a relaxed state. Pleasure to the African women is very crucial, as stated by a 68 year old Felix who has a gentle frame and seats at his abode in a town in southern Rwanda called Nyanza while his dear wife pokes around repeatedly outside.

The pleasures gotten from kunyaza

Due to a generational myth passed on, during the reign of a certain ruler of the Rwandan monarchy, the husband of the queen left for war and since she couldn’t cope with his absence directed a royal guard to sleep with her.

This request made the guard so disturbed and when he obliged her request, the guard’s penis pressed against her labia and clitoris instead of it penetrating. And the queen attained orgasm for the very first time. This act made her request for sex upon the return of the king and as such this ritual practice called the kunyaza, which is identified in the west as squirting was birthed.

The Rwandese women loves sexual independence

The myth of the queen is astonishing and unveiling in a number of ways that is, judging from the western view in which female orgasm is still concealed in mystery.

The queen still makes herself worthy of wants and as such derives a way of quenching, having dominance of her body and displaying independence sexually. There are more women out there who do not feel this free much less have it.

Rwandese women like their husbands dominating during sex

One outstanding trait of a man in Rwanda is the means to make a Rwandese woman reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and this does not in any way hinder other romantic plays like being strong and without emotion while displaying the act of dominance because if per adventure he fails he stands a chance of loosing his wife as he would be regarded as a weakling by his wife’s family.

The Rwandese women respects their man

Whereby the man is regarded as the presider of the home, the Rwandese women are expected to give their husband’s full respect and consider anything he says as the final. As a matter of fact, traditionally on the wedding night of Rwandese women she is supposed to resist the advances or approach of a man.

The Rwandese women loves men with great kunyaza skills

According to Marie-Josse, her eyes twinkles just at the mention of kunyaza and when a rwanda woman got married and her husband did the kunyaza style for her for the very first time she was delighted and affirmed his great skill in it until his demise.

The Rwandese women can teach their men the kunyaza skill

A 38 year old woman known as Gogo affirmed kunyaza as very crucial and the fact that men liked it, she explained how crucial it was for her to maintain such practice to avoid her husband from seeking it elsewhere. And she admonished the Rwandese women to teach their men if the men were unable to do it.

Kunyaza is not a sin:

A herbal doctor called Simba, 37 years of age strongly believes that westernization in Rwanda has greatly affected gender equality and sex. He took out time to expatiate the manner in which sex is done in Africa.

The help he renders herbally to the Africa women who patronize him stating that fear and misunderstanding of the kunyaza style was brought about by the missionaries and that’s the reason why some practices were eliminated because it was regarded as dirty and as a sin by the Christian God and this was all because the whites had no idea about it.

  Kunyaza is for the man and the woman:

According to Tharcisse, kunyaza is for both couple due to its application and it is very crucial during courtships as it does not focus on coercion or giving orders or abuse of the African woman. It focuses on togetherness in building relationships.

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