Sore Boobs: 13 Shocking Reasons your Breasts Hurt

Sore boobs are discomforting. For most women painful breasts mean the period of menstrual flow is around the corner but there are some more reasons why your boobs are sore. This information was gotten directly from experts in the field.

Exercising very hard

Too much work out on the upper part of your body can greatly impact the muscle wall of your chest situated beneath your boobs says Dr. Omnia Samra Latif Estafan (board certified ob-gyn). To correct this, a firm bra made for sport should be worn when you engage in a work out.

When on your period

This particular reason is very regular when it comes to boob soreness and this is as a result of the irregularity in your hormones a week prior to your flow as explained by Andrea Martin CDNP, CRNP, WHNP board  certified Women’s health Nurse practitioner at Thomas Jefferson hospital. There are some regular period pain that is thought to be normal while some irregular ones are abnormal and infects only one boob.

When you are placed on a hormone changing therapy

Martin reported that being placed on hormone changing therapy for the treatment of menstrual pain symptoms can be one of the underlying causes of sore boobs.

Wearing the wrong size of bra

Wearing the wrong bra size could be the reason why your breasts hurt. Bulock reported that this cause is more regular than we give it credit. Boobs should be measured correctly to be certain you are supporting your boobs with the actual size.

Carrying a heavy bag or purse

Bulock also reported that the carriage and wearing of too heavy bags or purses could be the reason for chest wall or rib pain often interpreted as sore boobs.

Sore Boobs Could Mean Pregnancy

Pregnancy is yet another reason behind a sore boob that is hormonal. Martin says that the unsteadiness following the progesterone and estrogen for preparing the boobs towards the production of milk could be the reason for sore boobs. It could even occur few weeks you conceive.

It can be caused by body implants

I know implants are not very prominent with African women but they have have gained popularity in the recent years. If you experiencing soreness of  boobs, it could be as a result of the implants you have had for weeks or years or it could be related to the pain after a surgery, which ever, you are expected to visit your doctor.

Wrong posture

According to Bulock, wrong posture and a wrong desk set up at work could lead to strain in your chest thereby causing sore boobs. Good tip is needed on how to sit properly to avoid a wrong posture.

Too large boobs

When the boobs are too large, they tend to pull on your muscles and according to Martin it can cause back, shoulder and neck pain and this is another logical explanation to get a sports bra that is firm.

Using birth control pills

This can cause a change in the tissues of the boobs by fluctuating progesterone and estrogen levels when menstrual flow occurs and this change can lead to soreness of the boobs.

Occurrence of rash

A rash can occur due to the folding of the skin down to your chest causing a wet place where infectious fungi can survive. Women having bigger boobs are prone to this infection due to a reduced air flow beneath their boobs. This fungal rash can also be a sign of inflammation of the boobs causing boob cancer with changes in the texture of the skin. When non –fungal rash occur, skin allergies or infections could be the underlying cause of it as affirmed by Dr. Constance Chen.

Lumpy Sore boobs could be a Red Flag

Often times your boobs can look lumpy due to fibrocystic tissues in the breast. This was said by Young. What this means is that you boobs contains more bumps and lumps. This is nor rare and there is absolutely nothing to be scared about. The lumps are referred to as benign cysts and as so poses no threats but can become bigger and very tender during your period as a result of changes in the hormones.

Coffee Sensitive Boobs

According to Young, having a fibrocystic boob tissue makes you vulnerable to stimulants such as coffee. The boobs contain small ducts and occasionally they swell due to stimulants such as chocolate and caffeine. This swelling can cause tenderness of the boobs.

The fact that most women suffer tenderness of boobs does not mean all of them do. Some women actually do not feel this soreness all through their lives. Its all based on the more you know about your body.

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