South African Women: The Shocking Sex Life of 1,000 African women

South African Women are hard to please when their sexual lives come into play . This displeasure is owed to the inspection of the well being of the sexual lives of women . This research was carried out recently by Durex and Columinate.

This research also shows that these African women tend not to have confidence in bed. This is probably a contributing factor to experiencing lesser pleasure. Only few South African women tend to be happy with their sexual life and this helps to boost their self-esteem.

These women are also excited emotionally, mentally and physically. Various studies have revealed issues regarding the sexual lives of women in South Africa. They are:

South African women are very active sexually

A recent study has shown that more than 1000 (one thousand) women in South Africa of age 18 and above indulge actively in sexual pleasures. It also explained that about 83% of these women had consistent relationship whether cohabiting or married. The single women recorded were 17%.

While the study also showed 3% homosexual, 94% heterosexual, 2% bisexual, it didn’t leave out the 1% who had questionable sex life, that is those that don’t belong to any of the category mentioned.

Less satisfaction under the sheets

This study also viewed the general pleasure gotten sexually by women in South Africa and came up with the result of 45% women experiencing ejaculation regularly which makes them excited and 25% which seldom experience it which makes them sad and as such look for solution to this cause.

Consequently about 44% of these women affirmed little or no satisfaction when under the sheets which brings us to the question; what’s really happening to the South African women?

The answer lies in the fact that some of the South African women that have great confidence in themselves tend to feel great pleasure when under the sheets. Those that do not have confidence at all or have little confidence when under the sheets. This only shows how deep the sexual feelings of a woman goes. Not only by intimacy but as well as physical, social and emotional problems are greatly impaired.

Does sexual intercourse fair well with age?

this crucial question was answered in the affirmative during the course of the study regarding the sexual life of the south African women. It stated that even though the occurrence of sexual intercourse reduces after 40 years of age. There would be increment in its level of excellence.

As affirmed by 52% of the partakers, is the fact that they ejaculate during sex as opposed to 40% of the partakers that are young.

Conversing openly about sexual intimacy with their partners

The women in South Africa tend to shy away from this aspect of intimacy and this greatly affects the satisfaction they get during sex. South African women are urged to converse freely and honestly about their wants during intercourse. They do so in order for them to achieve the greatest pleasure during sexual intercourse with their partners. This is because African men are not known to shy away from telling their partners what they want during sex so the woman shouldn’t.

Some absorbing facts about south African women and their sex life:

  • Ejaculation is felt by one out of every four South African women.
  • About 32% of women in South Africa indulge in sexual intercourse not more than once throughout the week.
  • South African women who indulge in one night stand are roughly 42% and this obviously doesn’t give them the satisfaction they want from sex.
  • 41% of South African women affirmed that they don’t masturbate.
  • 44% of these South Africa women are never pleased with their sexual lives.
  • 37% South African women texts their spouse regularly in a sexy manner to spice up their sexual lives.
  • Only 11% of South African women find what to buy when they go into an online store for sex as opposed the 34% who visits but never buys anything from it.

More research are still ongoing about the sex life of south African women on how to solve this problem of  less satisfaction under the sheets. But in all, it is safer to say that the sex life of a South African woman is very important to her and sexual satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

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