What An African Woman Really Wants : 6 Amazing Things


It is safer or satisfactory to say that the African woman is widely distributed in the universe. This woman wants to live life to the fullest with love. She wants great adventure. She prefers to wine and dine with loved ones and close pals for mixed drinks. She wants sexual intercourse almost immediately after the day’s work. Below are some few points on what an African woman wants:

The African woman un-apologetically cares for herself

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An African woman wants and really loves sexual intercourse. As such she does not mind talking about it. She prefers to have it on the beach. She takes leisure in order to harmonize both work and career life. She makes them distinct from the succession of their mothers.

The African woman is more interested in a love that has many dimensions. Their mothers will always tell them in the due sense that the heart of a man can only be reached through his stomach. Of course the way to a woman’s heart are numerous and distinct. She likes humor, unforeseen events and intellectual ability. She likes to watch comic strips (cartoons) most part of the night while she takes ice-cream with the one she loves.

The African woman ultimately chooses her career and family

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This woman has come to the realization that she has to be up and doing. She wants to be there for her family especially her husband when she is needed. She knows she must also take good care of her body. As such it could just be getting a better job or owning an enterprise or going for further studies to boost her knowledge.

The African woman can also raise her own family while going ahead with her career. This is because she is well equipped to do both. She can feed her family well by cooking delicious meals before the starting of an important meeting or presentation the following day and she would still be outstanding.

The women in Africa makes waves in education and other fields of life

This woman is happy at surpassing in areas where the opposite sex was known to be best in She is very good in it, areas such as education and subjects like science, technology, and mathematics and as at now there are more literate women in Africa than ever before.

This woman is most persistent and hardworking in their various career. She seizes most opportunity to become the best in work ethics and their various fields of endeavors.

The African woman take to creativity:

Women in Africa tend to conceal their feelings when it comes to their work and the stress that comes with it. They are afraid of being called a weakling. They brace themselves up and be the best they can. For example, we play a vital role in the movie industry through directing and production of various African movies.

We not only excel in the field of science such as medicine or engineering. We also do well in the creative sectors such as art, creative design, writing, photographing and others. We hope to do more in the nearest future.

The African Woman is taking African fashion to the next level

In terms of fashion African woman patronize the “made in Africa” designs, as they love to buy and wear everything made in Africa from shoes to clothes. Even jewelry, making the world realize what wearing African made outfits can seem like.

The African woman is taking the lead role on issues plaguing Africa

Women in Africa now take it upon themselves to combat the problems plaguing their society. For example in some parts of Africa the lighting system is really poor. With this issue, they no longer appreciate the wait or being instructed on what has to be done. They take the lead role in fighting the problems facing society.

The women in Africa are really bent on altering the current state of Africa. They are contributing their various quotas in order to achieve this goal. They invariably want their successors which is the upcoming generation to be better than them in all areas of life.

This includes the creation of various scholarships for women, initiating good ideas for entrepreneurship and also in the movie industry, giving the producers the morale to write better roles which are more difficult for the woman. This would go a long way in helping the African woman to achieve what they really want. it will help better the standard of living of the African woman.


There are a lot of things in the mind of the African woman. She wants to be successful, she wants a career and family, she wants to have a great sex life in her marriage, she loves the African fashion and she wants the African continent to be better than it is now.


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